Crafting Digital Banks

Building Greenfield Banks from Scratch

We’re building the future of banking that customer loves. NeoCeptual has developed a proven and repeatable approach to building digital banks, specifically designed to help clients drive new areas of growth through innovative customer propositions.

  • Conducting in-depth market research of the new bank’s target market to understand their goals, challenges, and ambitions.
  • Strategizing a plan for success and tracking execution against these goals to meet key KPIs. 
  • Our pool of experts around the world, building new propositions for incumbent and Digital Only Banks and help them to create new sources of growth and prosperity.
  • Our approach is centred on creating a flexible, data-centric platform and organization, connecting to a rich ecosystem of fintech partners to deliver rapid value.
We’re taking a greenfield approach, offering completely new digital-first services that provide better customer experiences at lower costs:
  • Digital omni-channel strategy
  • Digital Onboarding and e-KYC
  • API Strategy and Development
  • Cloud setup and migration
  • End to End Automation