Conversational AI CHATBOT

Conversational AI CHATBOT

Our Conversational AI chatbot platform is changing the way people interact with technology.

From speech enabled interfaces, through to intelligent virtual assistants and chatbots, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that customers are looking for a more humanlike, natural experience.

An experience where technology understand them, not the other way around.

To achieve this, enterprises need to ensure that application interfaces are truly conversational. At the same time, they need to be capable of adding value to the customer’s life. It’s no longer enough to rely on price or brand. Speed, convenience and an effortless experience are now the winning team.

But creating this type of experience requires more than just simple slot-filling chatbot technology, where users are expected to speak or text in formulaic, rigidly structured commands. Customers want to converse using their own words, phrases and terminology. What’s more, they expect an intelligent response.

From answering a simple billing query or booking a reservation, to delivering advice on complex topics or resetting a home automation task, an intelligent conversational interface lets your customer ask for exactly what they want to know.

NeoCeptual can be your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider and tailor solutions that fit your business needs. As a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, we enable enterprises to connect to WhatsApp directly – either through our API or using our web-based interface.