Who We Are

“Two Companies, One Mission, It’s Success” 

Neoceptual Digital & Neoceptual Events Activation is our recognition in several markets.  NEOCEPTUAL was born with a desire to go beyond just IT & Events.  

its all about the Brand Name "NEOCEPTUAL"

We believe that once a brand has the right customer experience strategy, everything else falls in place around it. Marketing, Branding, Technology, Employee engagement or anything else in the operational domain of a customer focused institution needs to be tailored to match the customer experience strategy.  

NeoCeptual Events & Marketing

We are a homegrown, globally connected, experiential hub that prides itself on its creativity and innovation. 

NeoCeptual Events & Marketing  (NeoC Events) is a fully-integrated event management, creative communications and experiential marketing agency. Headquartered in Bahrain and unrivalled experience in the Middle East.

We have expanded our network across the region as well as our service offerings to deliver game changing end-to-end work from gaming events, E-Sports tournaments, to corporate events, conferences, exhibitions and concerts, to brand experiences and a wealth of other integrated services, including marketing, public relations, sponsorship and innovative design, lighting and production. NeoCeptual has a team of great experience that can deliver it all seamlessly.

NeoCeptual Digital

NeoCeptual Digital is an IT company  with broad portfolio of Next-Generation Industry agnostic SMART Digital solutions.

Our core value proposition is to play our role as an Ecosystem Builder providing SMART, Sustainable solutions on focused technologies i.e. AIVR, AR5GIOT, SecurityAutonomous DronesVideo Analytics and Blockchain to enable BFSIEnergyTelecom sectors and Smart Cities with latest trends.

At NeoCeptual, we’re also revolutionizing Digital Banking space with our end-to-end Omni-Channel Digital Consulting Services, helping our clients in Building Digital Only Banks from scratch, assist them in market research, strategy and implementation.

Consultancy and technology go hand in hand with us, so you’ll get the best outcome. We enable clients in 5 countries to navigate their digital transformation.

Being a Digital Transformation enabler our values have been at the heart of a commitment to work around triple bottom line (“People” “Planet” “Profit”) approach which is catalyst, for more enlightened innovation, and more enduring growth for businesses.

Our Leadership Mission & Vision

Our mission is to become Leading Technology Ecosystem provider which brought together next-generation unique technology solutions in the world and introduce in our region to various sectors.. Our prime goal is to promote Green and Climate Friendly technologies for the future. Today, NeoCeptual invests to help our clients fast-track their journey to Net Zero emissions.

Digitalization is already transforming the global economy and unleashing powerful forces in every industry. NeoCeptual should be at forefront in digital transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution move, which have the potential to realise a sustainable and wealthier future for all.We need to maximize technologies capabilities/skillset at different levels of development.

NeoCeptual must build strategic partnerships globally with the companies  stakeholders: clients, vendors, and investors who supports in our mission. NeoCeptual needs to nurture a winning team that has a passion for excellence and implement the vision of leadership. NeoCeptual needs to be the delight of our customers by achieving perfection in our processes and quality methods

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