Neo Sustainability Suit

Neo Sustainability Suite

Sustainability Suite is an enterprise grade cloud-based workflow and automation platform for Sustainability/ESG Management, Corporate Governance and Compliance. It supports Performance Improvement, Stakeholder Engagement and Reporting and operationalizes sustainability/ESG management by breaking it down into well-defined and trackable tasks.

It combines collaboration, KPI analysis, multi-framework support, document management, evidence tracking, report generation, audit trail, communications and project management into one easy to use platform. In the current environment of distributed teams working from home the collaboration features are especially useful for many organisations.

The platform also supports the AAOIFI Shariah governance framework. This helps Islamic banks and Islamic financial institutions (IFI) improve Shariah governance and compliance for financial transactions and link those activities to the UN Sustainable Development goals. IFI’s are be able to reduce non-compliance and therefore the financial losses associated with non-compliance.