NeoCeptual proudly representing Omniflow strategically in the region.

We all truly believes that Innovation is a key driver for the transformation across every industry. The way the world produces and consumes energy is changing fast.

  • Sustainable energy sources such as solar and wind are on the rise.

  • Smart meters/ sensors have become an industry standard, and deployments are growing across the globe.

  • Hybrid and electric vehicles have gone mainstream, giving rise to a new breed of powerful car batteries capable of storing and sharing energy.

  • One SMART Infrastructure can host Value Added Services (VAS) for revenue stream. 

In addition, there’s more. Certainly, Internet of Things solutions (IoT) are enabling compelling new business models that support an increasingly complex energy infrastructure.

NeoCeptual has a vision to  focus on renewable energy and promote Green technologies which will be center of the smart energy/smart city ecosystem evolution, and both must be trusted. Embarking our mission, we have taken a step to collaborate with Omniflow which is proven to be the one and only unique technology in the world is truly be a heart of smart city solution. Today, NeoCeptual is proudly representing Omniflow in global territories.

Synopsis of Omniflow:

“A Smart Pole that doesn’t look like a Smart Pole”

Normally smart poles are big new poles with all kind of unrelated technology attached to different parts of the pole, resulting in a cluttered solution with poor efficiency and high visual impact.

Our Omniflow solution is an integrated Smart Lamp post powered by wind and solar with integrated battery storage. It transforms a regular street light into a sustainable smart infrastructure capable of housing multiple added value services like, 5G/LTE Small Cell, public wifi, security cameras, EV charging, IoT sensors/gateways and even integrated audio for public communication. Our solution has the added benefit of being a resilient solution that can still provide lighting, surveillance and other functionality during grid outages through the integrated battery storage.

We can use existing poles in most of the cases because most of the services are integrated inside the Omniflow protective shell in the top so this transformation is much more economical avoiding expensive and time consuming civil works. To transform a simple old light into a smart pole you will only need to change the head of the unit. 

Some of the Possible Applications with Omniflow 
  • Smart Lighting
  • Public Wi-fi Hotspot
  • Telecoms Services
  • Vehicle Charging Stations
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems
  • Smart Parking
  • Location Analytics (i.e. traffic, pedestrian counts, for operational and marketing metrics)
  • Air Quality Sensors
  • Integrated Smart City Solution
  • Digital advertising displays
  • EV Charger
  • Public Audio Messages
  • Emergency Broadcast Systems
  • & more…

> 90% Energy Efficiency on lighting & Value Added Services (VAS)

Integrated Smart City

Lighting, CCTV, EV Charge

Public Wifi , Telecom Services